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quarter 4 roadmap

Present- Dec 31, 2021

-MainSt Journal Begins Publication

-MainSt TV Launch Soft Launch

-Added $MainSt Utility through  Neighborhood/Shop Partners

-Continued growth of organic  content/Relationship building with  content providers

-Implementation of Scheduled Burns

MAin Street Journal Featured

Baby BAnana Update!

Taichou85 and the BabyBanana team continue to push the envelope in terms of token development and utility. Ranging from already promised features like Poker and their WalletApp, to new additions of NFT driven PlayToEarn and RPG games. Get a quick glimpse of each by reading here!

Dead cat society

The Dead Cat Society are a collection of 6,999 hand crafted Dead Cat NFTs roaming the Binance Smart Chain. Holders get to share spoils of the coveted war chest. To learn more about about Dead Cats Society along the tactics that will be used to fill the war chest with loot, along with mint times visit their website by clicking here

Main Street Graduates apeswaps BUIDL!

Prop 13 Passes! This means that Main Street along with the five other remaining BUIDL Program projects graduate! Read this short BUIDL program article that was produced by Apeswap to see further details on how Apeswap plans to help these projects continue to BUIDL!


ApeLabs created this experimental NFT series to further expose their students to the internals of real world projects; and give them an opportunity to put their freshly minted knowledge to use. ‘Mushies!’ are a fun and loveable collectible NFT with unique rarity features. Look for those metal caps or gold spores! Learn more by visiting Mushies portion of the ApeLabs website!

Bad boy vault club

4 Friends, One Time Portal, Back to 1984! These 10,000 Vice themed NFTs will warp their holders into 1980's Bad Boy Vault Club VIPS. Check out their website while waiting outside of the club! Minting starts Dec 1st!


5,555 Unique ChainChillaz NFT have been working together to establish a new safe home for "The Herd", deciding the Cardano blockchain will be perfect. But first… they need help rescuing them! Minting a ChainChillaz NFT secures their home on the blockchain. 120 accessories vary in uniqueness across the supply! Minting will begin 12th December 6PM UTC for a price of 37 ADA per mint, 2 ADA from every mint will be donated to support endangered animal charities. Visit their website to learn more!

Main Street Journal Recent News

Main street update!

11/17/21: After an exciting week, lets catch up! Partnerships, listings, and burns. Main Street is geared up for more progress and success. Check out the latest pertaining to Main Street and whats coming up next by reading here!


11/14/21: An ApeLabs experimental NFT series being used to further expose students to the internals of real world projects. Giving them an opportunity to put their freshly minted knowledge to use! Learn more about Mushies by reading here!

Primate Social Society

11/10/21:Primate Social Society gives some helpful tips on evaluating NFT Projects! An easy to read informational article providing tips on evaluating NFT projects by Primate Social Society. Click here to read

Primate social society

11/3/21: Introducing the Primate Social Society’s Silverback Utility Program! The Silverback Utility Program is just one of multiple ways Primate Social Society provides utility. Learn more on how it will be implemented. Click here to read

Main Street Update

11/2/21: We’ve been busy! Here’s what Main Streets been up to! Q4 Roadmap Update, Time and Achievement based burn schedule announced, and more! See what else is coming up for Main Street by reading Click here to read

shop News

10/30/21: Neural Frens: v2 Tokenomics Launch Schedule! The new tokenomics and Neural Frens platform launch is right around the corner! Smart contracts are ready and sent to audit and will undergo the final community testing this weekend! Read more Click here to read

Neighborhood News

10/22/21: Baby Banana ($BBANANA)-After a successful launch, Whats upcoming for ApeSwaps next big ecosystem token? Find out more about their launch and upcoming events Click here to read

the jungle Apeswap

Ape TV Episode 027 Binance SMART CHAIN NFT SPECIAL

11/24/21: ChimpinChip sits down with Co-Founder of @NeuralPepe, Feydor, and BinanceBullSocietys Ox to discuss their projects along with the upcoming outlook of the BSC NFT Market. Listen here!

Koala Defi X MAin Street Partnership Kicks off with BINGO!

11/26/21: Koala Defi and Main Street will kick off their new partnership by Bingo Sunday! Other upcoming events include and AMA and of course, a nice juicy Bush! Learn more how to acquire your Koala Bingo Card and more by visiting their website!

wen news ser announcement 05

11/12/21: #WenNewsSer Announcement 05- The #NonFungibleBananas are coming! 10,000 uniquely designed bananas!

✍️Full details will be released Nov 22nd with as launch date of Nov 26th on @LiquidCollectibles.
Read more here!

Liquid Collectibles explained

11/12/21: Henry The Apeth gives an overview of the NFT tokenization process on Liquid Collectibles, using NFA’s as an example. Click here to read!

ApeSwap News

ApeSwaps ecosystem is governed by the holders of $GNANA. Learn how the process works and whats up on this this round of ballots! Including Main Streets ApeSwap BUIDL graduation proposal! Click here to read

ape tv Episode 025 Galactic Arena

11/2/21: Today Beeridiceos chats with Mike Gusso CMO of Galactic Arena. Walking through their inception, partnering with ApeSwap, along with the IAO experience. Then gets deep into this exciting game! Tune in for another informative episode by clocking Click here to view

The great ape migration

10/27/21: Non-Fungible Apes- The Great Primate Migration- The NFA's are migrating to V2. Learn more on how the process will be handled by reading this medium article from ApeSwaps Blog! Click here to read

Ape tv Episode 024- RugDoc

10/19/21: Bee speaks with RugDoc about securing Defi, honeypot scams, and much more! Click here to view

Ape tv Episode 023 - NFTY Labs

10/9/21: Today CEO Digital Lawrence & COO Tytaninc of NFTY Labs join ApeTV for an information packed episode! Click here to view

Ape tv Episode 022- Ape Labs

9/29/21: New host Beeridiceos talks with Chimpin Chip ( President of Ape Labs) about this ambitious education platform being offered by so very helpful apes! Click here to view

the alley general crypto

Hunter DOge ($HD)

11/26/21: Hunter Doge is the first un-botted research platform of its kind! Let Hunter Doge help you make crypto investment decision by visiting their link tree here for their various links! Website

word on the street

10/19/21: Projects that have recently listed to CoinGecko — BitUp, Monster Island, French Connection Finance, AdaBoy. Click here to read!

Word on the street

10/16/21: Recently released/Upcoming NFT projects — Exotic Gentleman's Club, Krubberverse Duckiez, Meeples Gang, The Dreamers, Mad Mask Gang. Click here to read!

RugSeekers ($SEEK)

Professional,experienced, and committed to rid cryptospace of fraud

A group of experienced investors seeking to rid the crypto space of rug pulls, honeypots, and pump and dump scams. This group was born out of personal loss by its development team and out of necessity for its community. Learn more about RugSeekers by clicking Click here to read

MAIN STREET tv media Content


11/15/21: Farmageddon, InfiniteOne, and WalletNow sit down to discuss what their products have going on! Click here to listen!


11/1/21: How to Stake Crypto Pools- Farmageddon makes farming easy! Learn how to stake crypto pools by watching this short informational video produced by their team! Click here to view

DYOR Media network

10/24/21: How to Buy DYOR, SEEK and DBT on Android with Metamask- In this how to video, Wes shows us how to buy our family of tokens on the Android Platform using Metamask. Click here to view

DYOR Media Network

10/17/21: Crypto Alt Stars - Decentraland- In this episode of DYOR's Crypto Alt Stars, Wes reviews Decentrand, its history and its ecosystem. Click here to view

DYOR Media network

9/27/21: Episode 7- News, DYOR Rich -Rugged Ruined Rekt
Today DYOR presents its 7th Full Length show with segments about the news, a Meet the Team Segment with DYOR Rich and of course, another one of our insanely popular shows, RUGGED, RUINED and REKT!
Click here to view

opensea: Tips and Tricks

10 Tips for avoiding scams and staying safe on the decentralized web- OpenSea provides 10 tips for avoiding scams and staying safe on the decentralized web in this short informational video. This content originally appeared on OpenSea's Youtube Channel. Click here to view

RugZombie officiAL

10/3/21: RugZombie ($ZMBE) Marketing Update- EZ and CryptoWingnut discuss RugZombies upcoming marketing strategies and outlook. Listen on RugZombie's Official Youtube Channel Click here to view