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quarter 4 roadmap

Present- Dec 31, 2021

-MainSt Journal Begins Publication

-MainSt TV Launch Soft Launch

-Added $MainSt Utility through  Neighborhood/Shop Partners

-Continued growth of organic  content/Relationship building with  content providers

-Implementation of Scheduled Burns


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Word on the street

10/11/21: Recent news on ApeLabs, RugZombie, Primate Social Society, Neural Pepe and Cookie Finance.

Word on the Street aims to keep Main Street Journal readers up to date with the latest news and events from partnered projects. CLICK HERE

RugZombie releases Mythic NFT Rarity

The CATACOMBS becomes first of Mythic NFT Rarity Collection

RugZombie recently released a Mini Roadmap giving their Zombie Horde a layout of upcoming events. Including the release of the CATACOMBS NFT and more. Read this short summary to catch up on the latest with $ZMBE! CLICK HERE


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4 Tokens

On this episode of 4 Tokens, the crew reviews a huge market crash and electricity bill. Addresses who Gary Gensler is and why he is important to the crypto space. While also playing some trivia! CLICK HERE

4 Tokens

Welcome to the the 4 Tokens Show! Meet the guys and their perspective outlooks on news, investments, and all things crypto! CLICK HERE

featured projects

Exclusives on Main Street Featured Projects

Baby Banana

A $BANANA reflection token with much more...

Respected Apeswap member @taichou85, along with several others have come together to create Baby Banana. The all in one free and diverse portfolio earning token. At the base, Baby Banana is a BSC reflective token which rewards holders with a redistribution of Apeswaps $BANANA every 60 minutes. Which is funded by a 5% tax on trades. A closer look at the token reveals that it is much more.


Providing insurance in an unsure space...

Cookie finance is a future multi chain insurance provider that uses wrapped farms to protect assets. Focusing on rug pulls and exchange exploits to create a safe investment space, their farms are backed by their native token $CHIPS. Which is used as compensation in the event of a user's funds being locked or stolen.