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$MAINST has officially LAUNCHED!

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After months of work, the time has finally arrived. The Main Street Team is very happy to announce the official launch of $MAINST, available to purchase on PancakeSwap!

It’s been a busy week as $MAINST has been pushing out promotions and sponsoring big cash giveaways to its community.

In preparation for hitting the gas pedal, $MAINST collaborated with BSCTimes to give away their largest prize pool ever, $2500! This is in addition to $500 awarded to their AMA audience, and an article giving a deep dive to interested buyers on how the engine behind $MAINST is going to take us to the moon!

$MAINST has also been working on the core function of its token, offering high use-case partnerships to holders. Behind the scenes, we have been working out the details of how to bring these partnerships to the table so they return the highest value to our holders.

$MAINST understands the importance of marketing in the early days of the project, and have already launched a Community Meme Competition (ending on 7/8), and were hosted by CryptoMillionaires for an AMA this morning. Stay tuned for a recap!

In the coming days please be sure to join our Telegram to say up to date on all of the developments we have to announce, and thank you for being a part of the $MAINST family!

Twitter: @buymainstreet