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$MAINST x ApeSwap Reveal!

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Welcome to the Jungle!

Main Street is very excited to reveal something we have been working on behind the scenes this week with our $BANANA brothers over at ApeSwap, the DeFi platform you can use for farming and staking available on the Binance Smart Chain. If you aren’t familiar with ApeSwap and $BANANA just yet, put on your leopard loincloth and swing over to their site to check them out!

So, what does this mean for $MAINST? In partnering with ApeSwap, Main Street will be officially entering its BUIDL Program. The Main Street team will be working in the coming days to meet the requirements necessary to graduate from the program. In doing so, we will become official members of the ApeSwap network!

Following the unlock date of $MAINST liquidity on PancakeSwap, we will be moving 75% of held liquidity to ApeSwap, leaving 25% on PCS. This opens the door for exchange traffic to flow in the new network, and creates opportunities for new partnerships within the Jungle. The cornerstone of $MAINST revolves around the discovery of high utility projects we can share with our holders and linking with the Ape team will provide a strong database for us to pull from and collaborate with.

In addition to opening the door to this new base, Main Street’s graduation from the BUIDL program will provide us with the necessary support needed to tick off high-priority items like gaining new holders and expanding our reach. Here are some of the awesome benefits we will receive after graduation:

In the vein of transparency in all we do, we’d like to share with you more about ApeSwap to show you why we find the partnership so incredible.

Along with staking and farming, ApeSwap offers Initial Ape Offerings, or IAO’s. These provide tokens preparing for launch the ability to raise funds and give investors a chance to Ape in early. Here is a rundown directly from ApeSwap on how to get involved in their IAO Program. With tons of new projects coming to crypto all the time, finding high utility tokens can be a bit of a chore. We find the IAO process particularly interesting because it doesn’t funnel through all applicants. ApeSwap says, “We typically look for innovative projects and teams that are building exciting projects focused on growing the BSC ecosystem and DeFi as a whole. All IAO candidates go through an in-depth due diligence process where we take a look at multiple different factors including: code, audits, project, and the team as a whole.” This will undoubtedly benefit Main Street in its hunt for the greatest projects on the BSC!

Here are some other highlights about ApeSwap!

  • Liquidity Pools: Stake $BANANA to earn new tokens with ApeSwap Partners
  • NFA’s: A unique approach to NFT’s from the ApeSwap team
  • Expansion to the Polygon Network
  • Golden Banana ($GNANA): A reflect token that rewards loyal Apes

To celebrate this awesome news we are streamlining this week’s Community Engagement Action to include our Ape friends! This week's competition is launching today and asks our community along with holders of $BANANA to create their best $MAINST Promo Video. Here are the details!

Please send your entries to us on Twitter, and remember to mention $MAINST x ApeSwap! The winner will be chosen by the Main Street team and will win $150 in $MAINST!

This week we also finalized our deal with a designer to kick off the process for our new website. This will give $MAINST a fresh look, and improve function for all we have planned!

Finally, we have been focusing time on getting the back-end projects like our official audit and exchange listings rolling. We will continue to update you as these developments bear fruit!

As always, we appreciate you, $MAINST Mafia! We can’t wait to kick off this journey with ApeSwap, and are excited to watch our progress unfold!

Twitter: @buymainstreet