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$MAINST Completes Audit, Partners with AtmosSoft, Issues #MAINSTStimmys

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Things have been consistently moving for $MAINST as we hold our steady base and increase holders. This week we have some great updates, so let’s get to it!

  • $MAINST has completed its official audit through ImmuneBytes! We have been chomping at the bit to get this piece of our project finalized, and are proud to announce its success. This will help us with the graduation of the ApeSwap BUIDL program as well.
  • $MAINST announced its first NFT partnership with $ATMOSSOFT! AtmosSoft is a Play to Earn NFT Collectible Card game that will be launching its presale IDO soon. We are currently providing marketing services for AtmosSoft and assisting as they prepare for liftoff. To celebrate our partnership $ATMOSSOFT is giving away 4 Rare NFT’s! One lucky winner will receive a random Rare NFT and $10 in $MAINST tokens. Stay tuned as we feature more from the AtmosSoft project, including deep dive on the Main Street website.
  • Speaking of the website… we have received the transfer of our new site and will be building out content over the next few weeks. We had this scheduled much later down the Road Map, but were excited to bring our vision to life, so we hit the gas! It will be officially launching soon.
  • $MAINST issued another round of its $MAINSTStimmys! The Main Street equivalent of a stimulus check that boosts the Main Street economy AND fills your bags! Over 40 wallets received Stimmys this week!
  • Burn Baby Burn! MainStreet Tony lived up to his word, and after shooting a 45 in golf burned 2 Trillion $MAINST tokens from his own stash.

The Main Street team will have follow-up news concerning the progress of our BUIDL Listing soon! Stay up to date with us as we finish our new website, add features, and continue to grow the $MAINST ecosystem!

Twitter: @buymainstreet