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Bringing insurance to an unsafe space, Cookie finance is a future multi chain yield farming insurance provider that uses wrapped farms to protect assets. Focusing on rug pulls and exchange exploits to create a safe investment space. Their farms are backed by their native token $CHIPS. Which is used as compensation in the event of a user’s funds being locked or stolen. This is done through ​​​​a network of price oracle contracts that use Time Weighted Average Price to create a threshold for fraudulent activity/ adverse events. When this threshold is triggered, a snapshot is taken of the contracts, and the farmers are compensated in an instant hard-coded payout.

Click here for a more in depth explanation of the mechanisms Cookie Finance uses to insure yield farms given during JBJ Fourier’s recent AMA with Crypto Titans

Since launching on May 5, Developer JBJ Fourier’s dedication and drive has produced constant progression and achievement. Which are highlighted by the acceptance into ApeSwaps BUIDL Program. Along with consistently adding new farms, there are plans to round out their ecosystem with governance and lending tokens $OATS & $MINTS. Making Cookie a promising prospect for early investors who like to have a say in the decisions making process.

Below are some statistics and upcoming events for Cookie Finance


- Total Supply 401,000 CHIPS

- Marketcap $79,323

- Price $0.197

- Holders 254

Total Staked

- Cake Farm V2 $141,899

- Banana Farm V2 $95,169

- Hunny Farm $5,756

- Bake LP Farm V2 $4,918

- Auto LP Farm V2 $5,747

- Bunny Vault: $12,215

-TVL- $265,713

Upcoming Events

Snapshot II of $CHIPS holders will take place on September 15th, 2021. This snapshot will be used for the following

-Future Airdrop for $OATS, Cookie Finance Governance Token

-Future Airdrop for $MINTS Token, Cookies Finances Lending Token

-Future Network expansions

-Planned Incentives Program

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