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Welcome to Main Street: BornBadBoys

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BornBadBoys came onto the NFT scene on at the beginning of August, and have been living up to their name ever since. This collection is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs with 8 different levels of rarity. The most unique? The Super Boys, consisting of 25 super hero themed BornBadBoys. The community and team are deserving of the super boys label also. As their efforts have helped the price floor of BornBadBoys quadruple (4x) over the last month along with pushing the community to over 2,000 holders.

Every BadBoy needs a BadGirl imma right? Don’t worry, the countdown has already begun for the minting of BornBadGirls. They’ll mint Sept 29th with a supply of 4,444. BornBadGirls rarity levels will be structured the same with 25 super girls.

Main Street is glad to call BornBadBoys friends, and look forward to informing the masses of their continued success and growth. For more information on BornBadBoys rarities and opportunities to mint BornBadGirls, visit the links below