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Welcome to Main Street: Neural Pepe

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Neural Pepe may be one of the best kept NFT secrets in the BSC space. Using StyleGAN2, 7,777 variations were artificially generated. Each with its own rarity and characteristics. These Pepes are rewarded $AI upon mint along, while also receiving daily distribution. $AI is the governance token of the Neural Pepe Ecosystem, popularly known as Kekistan.

With 544 Neural Pepes left to mint. There are still plenty of chances to acquire rare pieces for a cheaper price. Mint price is currently .7BNB. Open markets have been active also as August produced 435 open market transactions for a total of $135,000.

Check out a recently released Neural Pepe music video by @NattySanuk .

The creative and passionate holders are as vibrant as their Pepes, pushing their community and value forward with creative humor and content. NP’s development team keeps pushing the envelope, knocking down one roadmap goal after another. With their prior acceptance to Apeswap BUIDL program, Neural Pepe may be a well kept secret. It won’t be for much longer.

Visit NP’s website to mint the latest Pepe while they last!


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