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Welcome to Main Street: AtmosSoft

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AtmosSoft combined the popular Collectible Card Game experience with the NFT Boom this quarter and hit the ground running after filling its presale.

AtmosSoft allows you to earn $ATMSSOFT just by playing its game. Choose your team, build your deck, queue up a match, and reap the rewards!

AtmosSoft has partnered with notable game development company GenITeam to move forward on game execution. The game is currently in development and we can expect to see exciting updates on its progress soon. The development team at AtmosSoft has been working hard behind the scenes to roll out new features on their website that line up with their Road Map before the official game launch. Some recent additions are the ability to view your own AtmosSoft collection in the NFT Market, and the launch of its Swap Shop, where holders can view, list, and trade their NFT’s.

In addition to the ability to Farm and Stake your AtmosSoft NFT’s, this week a spawning pool with fellow Main Street partner RugZombie was launched! We’ve been privileged to come along for the AtmosSoft ride since before presale, and we can’t wait to see what their devs have in store as new features roll out.

Be sure to check out the AtmosSoft socials, and get in on the CCG Play to Earn Action early, and start earning that sweet, sweet $ATMSSOFT.

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