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Welcome to Main Street: RugZombie

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If you’ve dabbled in crypto for very long at all, you’re probably at least remotely aware of the risk of being scammed. One of the biggest gut-punches an investor may receive is deciding to ape into a token, only to have it rug pulled. RugZombie is a project who feels your pain and wants to do its part to make it right.

The team at RugZombie cannot prevent a scam or rug pull, but they can help ease the pain of its victims. There is a multi-part system to the project:

  • Users stake their dead (rugged) tokens in RugZombie GRAVES or TOMBS in exchange for custom NFT artwork as a consolation prize and earn a yield with $ZMBE token
  • After unlocking “GRAVES”, the user will donate at least one dead or “rugged” token for verification (this token is unrecoverable) and stake a minimum amount of $ZMBE for a set time-frame to unlock and receive an NFT as a trophy for being rugged
  • For “TOMBS”, the user will deposit a certain amount of dead or rugged tokens and a certain amount of RugZombie’s token to pair in a unique Liquidity Pairing. The user will be able to stake their rugged tokens and RugZombie pairing in order to earn an additional yield in RugZombie’s native token
  • RugZombie will have to be highly selective of the tokens accepted into their TOMBS. Helping to ensure scammers do not reap rewards on dead tokens. Due to this being such a delicate process, the team has decided to push it farther out into their roadmap.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with RugZombie for some time, and can vouch for their dedication to their community along with the creative approach they have taken to their project. Solving a serious problem with a light-hearted approach and innovative utility.

The RugZombie team’s personality really shines through in its large collection of NFT’s, combining clever names, like “Nightmare Fuel Karen”, and great design choices.

RugZombie also offers Spawning Pools with selective partners. Spawning Pools operate similarly to the Syrup pools on PancakeSwap, where a user deposits $ZMBE in order to earn live project tokens and additionally, a customized NFT. They are currently running Spawntemberfest, launching a full week of Spawning Pools through 9/23.

Finally, their Mausoleum, an NFT Market Auctionplace for RugZombie, is in its Beta Version. We can’t wait for more updates on its development!

RugZombie has a dedicated team and a ton of creative talent under its belt. Be sure to keep up with them on their socials, visit their website, and if you’ve been rugged… get in on the $ZMBE action!