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RugZombie releases Mythic NFT Rarity. Provides mini roadmap

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RugZombie recently released a Mini Roadmap giving their Zombie Horde a layout of upcoming events. You can find the full article here on their medium. Here’s a short summary…

  • The Catacombs Release- The CATACOMBS by @xxxvniii is the first of the upper tier Mythic NFT collection. Introduced with a max supply, it will be unlike any of the currently available stake for NFT options. 55 available mints at .10BNB per. Limit 1 per wallet. Full article on the CATACOMBS and Mythic rarity release can be found here.
  • Non Fungible Tombs- LP providers will have exclusive access to mint LP Tomb NFTs. Every mint comes with a chance to win another RugZombie NFT
  • Whale Graves- Staking pools for holders of over 500k $ZMBE. Requires sacrifice of a basic NFT. APR’s to stay consistent with their current rare Graves. Whale Club NFT and other $ZMBE perks included with the 90 day locking period. Special whale perk mentioned in article.
  • Burnsgiving- Community led burn event throughout the holiday season

Main Streets “Block Party” NFT by @baes_zom is still available to $ZMBE holders who stake the Main Street Spawning Pool. RugZombies team addresses the issue of earlier production NFT’s still having lower mint totals than their capped Mythic rarity level more thoroughly in the article.

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