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Baby Banana: Reflective $Banana Token with much more…

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Respected Apeswap member @taichou85, along with several others have come together to create Baby Banana. The all in one free and diverse portfolio earning token. At the base, Baby Banana is a BSC reflective token which rewards holders with a redistribution of Apeswaps $BANANA every 60 minutes. Which is funded by a 5% tax on trades. A closer look at the token reveals that it is much more.

Bringing a fun loving atmosphere, the BabyBanana community inhabits “Libbyria Island”. This hub will encompass all things BabyBanana. A NFT Museum, a Castle, even a Chess Arena are one of the many community led utilities that can be found here. This concept was implemented not only as a community function, but to also help holders capitalize on a boat load of BabyBanana utilities and passive income opportunities.

What utilities are of significance?

First, the base process of passive rewards paid in $BANANA. This utility opens up an immense amount of opportunities for holders. Simply by holding the “Ape King Midas” NFT in the same wallet, rewarded $BANANA can be changed to $GNANA. Which is the governance token of Apeswap and not only can be used to purchase IAOs, but also receives an excellent APR if restaked in the Apeswap $GNANA pool.

This points to an obvious emphasis on NFTs. BabyBanana NFTs will have passive income utility through staking. The NFT staking process will only reward $GNANA. Although another in-depth, and incredibly unique concept has been developed. Allowing holders to be rewarded any BSC token they wish through holding the qualified NFT. Such as these Koala Defi and BurningMoon NFT’s pictured below. These will reward their native tokens $LYPTUS and $BurningMoon instead of $BANANA. The consuming/burning of NFT’s will also be used as a buyback/burn feature that will also have governance implications.

BabyBanana remains unlaunched for the time being, but is definitely worthy of keeping eyes on. Creative, unique, audited and backed by a strong community already. Baby Banana may end up growing up a lot quicker than expected.

👀 Do you like poker? Keep a lookout for a BabyBanana update concerning the release of their poker game. Which will be hosted by EventBetGaming. Who comes well acclaimed with over 20 years of experience in online poker operations.

More in depth explanations on concepts can be found here in BabyBananas Whitepaper and other links