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Word on The Street aims to keep Main Street Readers up to date with the latest news from partnered projects and others


ApeLabs is currently starting week 2 of their Defi workshops and classes. Last week’s 15 hours of inaugural courses were a huge success. Producing 12 graduates of their Defi 101 program. Not only have these students made themselves eligible for ApeLabs certification, but were also awarded an NFT from @BabylonsNFT. Classes resume this week with their NFT LAB which will be followed by risk management and operational security courses. Applications for labs and classes for the remaining 6 weeks can be found here on their website.

Keep your eyes out for a featured article with more on ApeLabs soon!


RugZombie has made two different noteworthy announcements pertaining to LP providers over the last week. First, the opening of their NFT Tombs. LP providers can now earn NFT’s along with $ZMBE tokens by staking the Apeswap Tomb. Although it is believed tombs will not be limited to only Apeswap in the future. Which leads to the announcement of RugZombie listing LP on AutoShark. ZMBE-BNB LP holder can now stake and earn $FINS, and likewise AutoShark native tokens holders can stake to earn $ZMBE. This move will coincide with new farms, tombs and NFT availability.

Primate Social Society

Primate Social Society continues to grow and progress into one of the best communities around. After an incredibly successful mint period. The floor price continues to steadily hold and rise. Although still unverified on OpenSea despite over 300ETH in volume. Their team refuses to drop the ball and continues to push forward with their roadmap which includes staking and other added utility. Production of kitty companions and implementation of the upcoming silverback breeding program that features baby gorilla NFT’s with passive income yield are already underway. To stay up to date, or even ahead of what’s going on with Primate Social Society. Join their Discord where their team and community members are extremely active. While more importantly being inclusive of the behind the scene aspects of what’s going on at PSS.

Neural Pepe

Neural Pepe announced the Initial Pepe Offering countdown that will end on October 20th, 19:00 UTC. After this countdown, the remaining NP’s will be put into Neural Jail with two ways of being rescued. NP holders will have to swap their current NPs for a random NP, with an added premium of $AI. Otherwise a fixed bailout price, which is rumored to be over two times higher than IPO price, must be paid in BNB.

Cookie Finance

Cookie Finance airdropped their governance token $OATS to qualifying holders from Snapshot II over the weekend. JBJ Fournier and his team are currently taking suggestions on a logo and moving forward with the production of $MINTS. Which is planned to be the lending token of the Cookie Finance ecosystem.