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Word on the Street aims to keep MainStreet Readers up to date on the latest news from partnered projects and others


NFAs have been busy lately. Finishing off the NFA auction with a massive sale of 326BNB ($138k USD) for Colossal Ape, who is the rarest of all NFA’s.The conclusion of the last NFA auction is followed by the opening of the NFA Auction House. For current holders to auction their NFAs, instead of direct open market sales on NFTkey. The NFAs are the VIP’s of ApeSwap, and looks like they will continue to be.

NFA Shares

NFA Shares is the subset of the NFAs that allows investors to purchase fractionalized shares of NFA’s. This group has already purchased 4 NFA’s, for a total of over 55BNB. This is a big accomplishment as they are still in their early stages of development. Even with lacking a proper structure and voting system this group pushes forward and continues making solid investments. With only 1000 NFAs in existence. Fractionalization will equal capitalization at some point.

NFA Shares operates out of Telegram. For more information or to purchase shares visit them here


There’s been hints BornBadBoys and BornBadGirls will soon be listed on the Pancake Swap NFT marketplace. Although there hasn’t been any official word from their team. Leaked pictures show BornBadBoy available for sale, which was rumored to be a test on the website. This excitment brought a total of 334 BNB in total sales, including a 45BNB sale of super boy Thor. Capping an all around record setting day for the BadBoys.


AtmosSoft is now live on Fantom as of Oct.14. The FTM bridge and farming are due to be completed shortly. An upcoming sneak peek of the first 20 cards of the Monster collection is set to draw buzz around the much anticipated play to earn gaming aspect of Atmos.

Binance Bull Society

Binance Bull Society is made up of 7,777 hand drawn Bull characters. Mints have increased from .08 to .16 now that 50% of the minting process has been completed. Mint a BinanceBull or learn more about them here on their website