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Recently released/Upcoming NFT projects — Exotic Gentleman's Club, Krubberverse Duckiez, Meeples Gang, The Dreamers, Mad Mask Gang

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The Exotic Gentleman Society (ETH)

Six different species make up this collection of Exotic Gentleman. Centered around the “Country Club”, each NFT is granted a membership card. These receive a weekly deposit of EGS to be used by members on various entertainment aspects of the club such as poker. Public minting has been pushed back to the end of October due to contract flaws, but this shows the teams commitment to excellence. There is a maximum mint of 6 Exotic Gentleman per wallet at a cost of .08ETH per. For more on the Exotic Gentleman’s Society, or to mint your own when the time comes. Visit their website here

KrubberVerse Duckiez (ETH)

Modeled after your standard bathtub rubber duck, the KrubberVerse team has created a unique set of 11,111 3D Avatars. More interesting than their vibrant colors and characteristics, is the teams background. The brain of this operation, KrubberDuckiezKing, boasts quite the resume. Having worked on video game projects such as Halo Infinite and Spider-Man. Along with television shows Walking Dead, Yellowstone, and Legends of Tomorrow. Joining him are Sporky, who also has extensive movie/Hollywood design experience, and 1DLONE who is the resident NFT Guru and community manager. Minting one of these duckies lands you the source developer kit. Which allows everything from 3D printing to importation of KrubberDuckiez into other Metaverses. Visit their website here to learn more about KrubberDuckie utilities and uses or to mint your very own.

Meeples Gang (ETH)

Made up of 10,000 human based avatars, Meeples Gang combined 1300 hand drawn assets into 490 traits resulting in hundreds of thousands of variations. A vague roadmap is the major concern here. “Acting as an access card with exclusive benefits’ as the utility explanation leaves a lot of room for questioning. Although the art and style are undeniably well done which presents some value itself. Mints are still in progress costing .06ETH per on meeplesnft.com.

The Dreamers (ETH)

Dreamers are animated 16bit avatars on a music loop brought to the ETH blockchain by BitlectroLabs. Upcoming utilities range from music rights to voxelized versions of these avatars for The Sandbox. The collection of 15,000 has already sold out their original supply of 10,000. The remaining 5,000 will be dispersed at a 2:1 ratio to existing Dreamer holders. As for now, they can be found on the Open Sea secondary market. A more in depth explanation of Dreamers dispersion and other information can be found here in this medium article produced by their team.

Mad Mask Gang (ETH)

Mad Mask Gang is a masked robber themed collection. 10,000 masked robbers will each have a chance at the $250,000 “heist”. Which will reward holders in ETH. Once again, the roadmap is incredibly vague beyond that. Promises of unseen NFT utility and resale concepts have been made. Mints start October 16th at 5pm East Coast USA time and cost .089ETH per. More information along with the opportunity to mint can be found here on their website.