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Projects that have recently listed to CoinGecko — BitUp, Monster Island, French Connection Finance, AdaBoy

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Word on the Street aims to keep MainStreet Readers up to date with the latest news from partnered projects and others

BitUp (BSC)

Launching October 14th and listing to CoinGecko a mere two days later. BitUp claims to be the first automatic rebase token that provides BTC rewards. Simply earn BTC by holding BitUp in your wallet. Employing an elastic supply protocol, the supply is ever decreasing. Even the amount in holders wallets. Although the percent of supply they own stays the same. These tokenomics ensure a healthy looking chart by burning supply during “rebase”. The 15% tax contributes to the liquidity, BTC rewards, and buybacks when needed to support the chart. To learn more about BitUp see their whitepaper here

Monster Island (BSC)

Listed to CoinGecko October 17th, Monster Island is drawing a striking resemblance to Pokémon. Using fire, water, and rock elements to classify monsters that can battle, upgrade, and create next generation monsters for their owners. While relying on a secondary trading market to drive price and demand. Already in existence for a month and with what looks to be an already functionable crypto adventure game in place. Monster Island may be worth doing further research on. Visit their website to see the Monster Island game or learn more about their project.

*As always please do your own research on Monster Island before investing. The Main Street team has found some inconsistencies across their platforms

French Connection Finance (BSC)

Arriving to CoinGecko two days ago. French Connection Finance looks to create the worlds first credit card to cryptocurrency encrypted online payment gateway. Rewarding its holders with a 9% BNB reflection of its $FCF transactions every twenty four hours. The 10% tax in their tokenomics provides to marketing, liquidity, and their dividend pool. While also having a “buyback” feature from the contract wallet to help price dips from large sells. Their whitepaper gives a more adequate explanation of how they plan to employ their crypto currency credit card concept. Along with an overview of their ecosystem goals and NFT security vault aspirations. Already a partner of RugZombie, you can stake for their $FCF token while earning an NFT in the $ZMBE Spawning Pools here

AdaBoy (BSC)

Congratulations to Adaboy for listing to CoinGecko recently. Not only outperforming other $ADA rewards options such as Kraken staking. Adaboy also recently launched CryptoMatch. Which uses a Tinder like concept allowing users to swipe left or right on projects they like or dislike. To try CryptoMatch or see more of what AdaBoy has going on head on over to website