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Upcoming NFT Projects — The Modz, BlockBots, Bitcoin Billionaires, Sovereign Degens

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The Modz (ETH)

With the goal of establishing a community for those who love art, fashion, technology and of course NFT’s. The Modz is a collection of 5,555 meta fashion avatars based on the ETH blockchain. The characters incorporate the latest trendy fashion for a clean look that’s aesthetically pleasing. Which will be useful in powering a roadmap that is completely community based. Access to the MODZ metaverse along with post sales deliverables are the only two utilities listed besides community. Although the product is good enough and targets the right market to support a community based project. It will remain to be seen if The Modz will be as trendy as their outfits.

Minting Info

Date- October 20–25

Supply- (4509/5555) 903 remaining mints

Price- .05 ETH

BlockBots (ETH)

A unique deflationary NFT on the ETH blockchain. Every BlockBot is a 3D video avatar that could be used across multiple meta verses and games. In its own upcoming play to earn game, owners will be able to upgrade their Blockbots to gain competitive advantages on opponents. This process will use Indorse ($IND) tokens, which can also be earned through passive rewards staking options.

The roadmap and project seem well thought out as a whole. What makes this an even safer investment is if you can be one of the 2000 free mints. The remaining supply after that will be sold in bundles that include power ups for gameplay. Plenty of time to time up that entry as BlockBots mint starts Oct 27.

Minting Info

Date- October 27

Supply- 9,998

Price- First 2,000 free. Remaining have not been priced

Bitcoin Billionaires (ETH)

Producing one of the bigger supplies around, The Bitcoin Billionaires collection is made up of 13,337 pixel art NFTs. Each features one of their six species sitting at one of the various desk combinations. The art is actually one of the more unique pixel concepts recently. Which is ironic because the style is inspired by the art and avatars from the Bitcoin Billionaire game that launched in 2014. Which reached over 10 million downloads and is still actively played and updated to this day.

The usual community with games, rewards, merchandise and other benefits is on the post mint roadmap. But one of the more appealing parts is their pre launch giveaways. These include over 150 ETH in various airdrops like Bored Ape Yacht Club #7045 and a Crypto Punk from the NFTX ‘PUNK’ Vault. Mints for Bitcoin Billionaire start on Oct 27th, with the reveal following three days later.

Minting Info

Date- October 28th

Supply- 13,337

Price- .09 ETH

Sovereign Degens (ETH)

The pixel art isn’t unique, but the concept is. These NFTs let you take part in the Sovereign Degens story line. Plans are for this adventure to be multi-seasonal, but the first “quest” will take place over this winter. Plots, community driven story arcs, and airdrop challenges will make up each season. The Genesis NFT is the key to season one and unveils the character’s skin. These will be released Nov 5 to the public, although the story doesn’t start unfolding until Jan1.

Minting Info

Date- Nov 5


Price- .08