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Main Street ($MAINST) — Q4 Roadmap Update, Scheduled Burns and more…

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Completion of V3 allows Main Street to move forward with its media/news function, giving community members a more efficient way to access information. Along with allowing the Main Street team to shift focus on how to return value to our community. Both through our own token and providing other good investment opportunities. We’ve provided an updated roadmap addressing how Main Street plans to build through the end of Quarter 4 2021 to accomplish those goals.

Welcome to the team!

As our community continues to grow it will allow us to capitalize on tokenomics and other concepts that return value to holders. Through content production and cross community engagement we will organically grow the eyes needed to accomplish this. We’ve added a few team members to help us do that! Please welcome CanadianCryptoJunkie, C137, FunkyWhiteDude Graham, and CryptoKing85 who have all joined in various roles to help push Main Street forward!

Content Provider Additions!

Main Street is proud to announce the ability to provide users ApeTv and DYOR Media Network content across its platforms. Ape TV is the official channel of ApeSwap. Regularly producing quality podcasts based around interviews with the founders, builders, and creators of Defi. While DYOR Media Network provides a broad base of video content ranging from open discussions with developers to token and project reviews. Both offer up to date news that helps keep Defi investors educated and informed on various crypto markets. Making them valuable to the Main Street community.

Scheduled Burns

Having deflationary tokenomics, Main Street’s financial value to holders comes from its burning of supply and redistribution of tokens to existing holders (dividends). Currently Main Street has a significant amount of supply, around 460 trillion tokens. This may be seen as an issue to long term holders if there isn’t a non volume based plan to decrease supply over the long term. To address this issue Main Street is releasing a timed burn schedule alongside other scheduled burn events

Starting Nov 12, 2021, Main Street will burn 50 Billion tokens every Friday through the end of Q4 2022. This will result in 3 trillion $MAINST tokens being removed from the total supply over the course of that time period. Alongside that, Main Street is committing over 2.5 trillion tokens to scheduled burn events based around community engagement and accomplishments. Those can be found listed on the graphic below

NFT Paywall “Access Pass”

As mentioned over the last few months, Main Street has explored different options to increase burns or redistribution to holders through a subscription based “paywall” or “gateway”. We have settled on doing this through an NFT concept. Allowing free access to the Main Street homepage and informational resources. With more exclusive features such as staking and other rewards being accessible to NFT holders. The NFTs are currently in production and Main Street will provide a more thorough explanation of the concepts being deployed when they are unveiled. This update can be expected to be released prior to the ending of Q4.

With an already established price floor, $MAINST token price will continue to rise. Rebounding crypto markets will bring another influx of new crypto users. Growing the need for trusted information and outlets in which to receive it from. Addressing these issues through a short term roadmap allows Main Street to finish the year strong with clear accomplishable goals. Keeping us in line with our vision and more importantly emphasizing progress while returning value to both our community and partners.

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