Main Street Update!

Farmageddon Partnership, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing, Apeswap Governance vote and more!

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Farmageddon Partnership, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing, Apeswap Governance vote and more!

Main Street is eager to update its holders and community on its recent accomplishments. As well as inform them on more upcoming events and things of interest in the near future.

Main Streets exciting run of news began Tuesday with the announcement of its partnership with Farmageddon. This coincides with the opening of its LP farm and pools that will be hosted on their website. Main Street holders are now able to stake $MAINST/BNB LP tokens to earn $FG. Along with pooling options for $FG and $FRT holders to earn $MAINST. The Main Street team will continue to build key partnerships like this to ensure its holders receive maximum value and returns on their holdings through partner utilities.

A surprise CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing come along with Main Streets first timed burn Friday. Bringing over $460k worth of volume and heavy price increases. Main Streets deflationary tokenomics were the main benefit to this. Burning over 25 Trillion tokens in the process. Add achievement based burns that contributed another 1.5 Trillion tokens and this equals out to be over 5% of the total supply of $MAINST being removed from the supply for forever. One remaining acheivement burn remains, 25k Twitter followers. Once this is accomplished, a new set of burn events will be released

Friday also started voting on Apeswaps Governance Round III. Proposal 13 of this round includes Main Streets BUIDL graduation vote. A pass or fail option of all 6 remaining BUIDL program members that also include YSL.IO, SeaChain, Bingus, Barbershop, and partner Rug Zombie. Currently the vote sits at 99% Yes and .03% No, with an ending date of Nov.18. With a passing vote Main Street will be doing some liquidity migrating come Dec1 when Pancakeswap liquidity unlocks. This is to further align ourselves with Apeswaps incredible community and the opportunities it has to offer.

Main Street is excited for what the coming weeks of Quarter 4 bring. Looking to finish strong and ensure our ever growing community sees value and progress in their investment. Holders can expect another update with the next week with more forward looking statements

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