Launching in June 2021, Main Street is a crypto news/media aggregator backed by its deflationary token $MAINST, which resides on Binance Smart Chain. The companies goal being to generate revenue by connecting real investors with real projects through media production and the Money Monkey NFT concept. Furthermore helping quality crypto projects share their information with the global investment community through its different resources while creating an ecosystem that brings trust, fun, and reason to cryptocurrency.

As a media/news aggregator Main Street’s goal is to inform, educate, and share news with the cryptoverse. Using the platform’s original content alongside partner produced or aggregated news to create a media platform displaying educational, informative, and cautionary pieces. In a space that relies on self/peer driven education while being riddled by advertisements and paid promotions; Main Street will maintain its value and transparency driven vision to create a product that can be trusted by its community. While returning them value through not only use-case, but also their monetary holdings.

In terms of the financial aspect of Main Street, $MAINST token aims to represent shareholdership within the Main Street Company. With majority portions of promotional, advertisement, and sponsored content being bought back into $MAINST. Therefore returning value to the Main Street and its investors through deflationary tokenomics that burn supply while redistributing tokens to investors on every buy/sell/transfer.



Binance Smart Chain


$275,000 +



Sources of $MAINST Revenue

Sources of
$MAINST Revenue


Media and Promotional Revenue bought back into $MAINST Token


Trading volume redistributes tokens to current holders while increasing price floor through supply burns.


Monthly buy pressure from Money Monkeys $Banana Bag

10% Tax on all Revenue/Buys/Sells/Transfers contributes to…

10% Tax on all Revenue/
contributs to...


5% Burn creating a consistently rising floor floor while effectively leaving 5% of every transactions BNB in the $MAINST LP


3% immediately Redistributed to Holders Continuous dividends paid to holders automatically on all buys/sells/transfers


2% to the Marketing Wallet used to fund weekly $MAINST lottery to the Monkeys and other project development.


A limited supply of tokens generates natural demand as the supply dwindles. It also completely eliminates the worry of inflation. Protecting investors from inflation while increasing the value of the tokens they hold.


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