Oddblox Weekly Round-up 4/3–4/9 …Curating community, rewarding supporters & more!

April 13, 2022

Mint Now: https://oddblox.io

487/4096 have already been minted including giveaway NFTs!

#456 has just been minted, meaning we only have 56 left until the Squaddie draw

Every newly minted piece gives us a better idea of what the full and final genesis series collection will be. Thrilling is an understatement.

🌐 Curating Community

Every project curates the community that surrounds it. They do it in ways that may not be apparent from the onset. Every component from the language used in the website copy all the way down to the idea behind targets a specific audience. Those that haphazardly piece this aspect together in return receive a community that reflects the approach.

Our approach stemmed from personally held values. This lends to the authenticity and congruence between Oddblox and the people behind it. We are deeply grateful for the community we have curated. Many of you have reached out and expressed feelings of being connected to the pieces. We believe this to be true because of the niche we have carved for ourselves and the people that cohabitate with us.

Every detail from the smaller picture to the grand design has a degree of curation that can only be achieved with thoughtful design.

🎉 Giveaways & Contests

• As many of you know by now, once Oddblox tokenId #512 is minted we will also be giving away a Pancake Squad. Details here… The giveaway gets even sweeter with the new Squaddie floor.

• TokenID #460–512 will be entered for a chance to either win 0.25 $BNB or an Oddblox (Choice is yours) which will be minted live and given to two different winners. Good luck minting!

📰 Marketing

• The best marketing comes from word of mouth. We are currently ironing out the details on a way to directly reward those that spread the word. These details will be released along with our V1.1 Roadmap. Many of you have been doing this directly without any incentives beyond seeing the project succeed. We will further encourage this and give back to those that reach new people.

• We will also be creating a YouTube channel to host our video content and this will be the location of future roadmap update videos. We put tremendous effort into all of our content and want to give it a place to live outside of mere tweets.

🕵️‍♂️ Personal

• I (KD) have started my “Website Production Lab” which is due this coming Wednesday! This will give me the front-end certification. Shortly after that, I start the MySQL and PHP course!

• I (CB) have completed some spring cleaning and organization of my computer files. My desktop environment no longer looks like it has experienced a tornado.

🔦 Community Spotlight

• With these “Weekly Round-ups” we do a community spotlight!

• What this means is that we are going to choose someone in the community every week and give them a little something.

• Prizes will vary week to week.

• When deciding on the community member for the week, we will make sure they are an Oddblox holder.

• You may be wondering how we will decide on the community member?

• We will be looking at engagement among socials, content creation from members, and who has been a solid member of the community for the week!

• The community member will be announced within these “Weekly Round-Ups”! So, be sure to catch up with us every week and see if you are this week’s spotlight winner!

🚀 Community Spotlight Winner!

Credit: @oddbloxNFT

• This weeks’ Community Spotlight winner is @CryptoxNvl!

• Always a tough choice when you have to pick an outstanding Oddie as you all are wonderful.

• Bonnie has been with us since the very beginning and from day one she has been putting in the work spreading the word of Oddblox. For example, look at this Twitter thread she wrote about us out of nowhere!

• Oftentimes you can catch her in the Oddblox telegram, but she has recently taken on the role as SWPR MOD for the @PixelSweeper, so be sure to say hi. when you see her.

• She also threw a giveaway in the Oddblox Telegram on her birthday! If you sang Happy Birthday to her, you had a chance to win many NFTs including an Oddblox! She brought the community together in a new and fun way, which we respect.

• Thank you for sticking with us and as a thank you; we want to send you an Oddblox.

• We will DM you for your wallet address 😀

Thank you so much for the support and love you have shown! We are excited about the future! We hope you are too.


About Oddblox

Oddblox is a purely on-chain generative art series comprised of 4096 experimental pieces. Each piece abstracts negative space in a unique way leaving the viewer open to interpret the forms created. Using a variety of shapes and color palettes each piece is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art.

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