BNB Chain Mega Space Alpha
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November 24, 2022

Baked Universe Co-Founder Liquid put out some quick, but thoughtful alpha in his recent Twitter thread describing the upcoming BNB Chain Mega Space. Here it is in article form! Don't miss the actual Mega Space Nov 25 7amEST/11amUTC! Link at the bottom of the article! Without further adieu, Liquids minimally reformatted Twitter thread….

We are almost to the #BNBChainNFTs Megaspace! It’s time we share some of what we have planned for you all!

Topics and Projects

1) Marketplaces: Here we will have @Rareboard, @thebuttlord_NFT, @memepunk, @GlitchGuild, @airnfts, @TheBullSoc discussing how they are building and innovating for all of us to be able to trade our NFT’s! 👇🏼

Whether it be discussing royalties, partnerships, or listing criteria; we are excited to dig deep into this topic for you all and theorize how the future of our marketplaces could look based on what we improve upon now. 

Passive Income

Our biggest subtopic for the space, everyone wants to make some money! We’ll have speakers from @apehybrids, @PundexFellasNFT, @MAINST_News, @KAIonBSCDAO, @ZionLionsNFT, @MarinersNFT, @Gooodfellas_Nft, @LittleGhostsNFT, @TheBullSoc… 👇🏼

… @DrunkSkunksDC, @EternalLabs__, @KarmaBragons, @PurrrSociety and @TheMoonWC discussing how they implement passive income for their holders, how the concept shines on #BNBChain, and how it can be built upon even more!


For this topic we have @SweetStacksNFT (The OG), @PixelSweeper, @HorrorApes, and @Lights_OUT_BSC coming to discuss what type of systems for this we see for raffles/lotteries, how to keep them sustainable and where they see the future of them for #BNBChainNFTs


Joined by heavy hitters like @ChainLegionNFT, @coin_racer, @LittleGhostsNFT, @TheBallNFT, @Gooodfellas_Nft, and @BSCNewsNFT Gaming Guild. Some of what we will be discussing: how tokens are used within games, guilds, and why they chose BNB to build games on! 👇🏼

GameFi is a giant sector that most chains are involved in, one way or another. We will be truly showcasing why BNB is the perfect place to build and what they’ve done at the chain level to make it that way. 


 We will have speakers from @MMMC_NFT, @BSCNewsNFT, @BakedUniverse and @MAINST_News showcasing how entertainment is used within their ecosystems as well as discussing why its needed, how it can be a bridge between web2 and web3. 👇🏼

Entertainment can mean anything from IRL Events, to community gaming nights, to comic books! What does entertainment on #BNBChain mean to you? 


From smart contracts to design, we have the likes of @FabulousDeFi, @reallizardev, @tyelerlg, @ElKebaboKing, @silfaster1 among others sharing their experiences, theories for the future, and current/future tech they are excited about for BNB! 


How do we spread community news and grow with each other? Lets ask these guys! @BakedUniverse, @Rareboard, @MAINST_News, @BSCNews, and @airnfts are here to discuss the value of education and journalism within our space 👇🏼

With the current state of the market, education and staying up to date is more important than ever. Let’s see how we can continue fostering this mindset and come out the other end better! 

Decentralized Swap

We have the @ape_swap team coming to speak on this very crucial topic right now! Not your keys, not your tokens friends! If anyone has contacts at @PancakeSwap, @Biswap_Dex etc please direct them toward this historical space!

Real World Interactions

How do we get real life experiences or items? Lets talk about it with @RoachPunks, @mamanime_club and @DrunkSkunksDC! What’s the event throwing experience, do IRL skills help here? Is it sustainable in Web2 AND Web3? Lets see!


We have the one and only @WenAirdropNFT coming to give us some education on Domains and what that looks like for the space at the moment. What all can we actually do with them? Keep tagging @SpaceIDProtocol and get them to join here!


Every project has art, this will be such an amazing segment as its one of the purest topics we could talk about. From Pixel, to 3D, to AI generated, the art makes this space what it is today and deserves all the love from every community. Come listen to… 👇🏼 

… artist experiences, how the art is implemented outside the aft itself, IP rights, ALL OF IT. ART EVERYWHERE. 

If you care about #BNBChainNFTs, please (attend the BNBChain Mega Space), share to your communities, and show up. Even if just to listen and throw up some 💯. Our time and opportunity is now, let’s grab it and run with it

BNB Chain Mega Space Link!—-You don’t wanna miss this!




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