Edson's Evaluations: Money Monkeys
June 4, 2022

Hello Again Degens!

It would only be fair to cover the NFT project from the house...Money Monkeys!

First of all...What are Money Monkeys?

Main Street Money Monkey NFTs are a generative collection of unique pixel artworks that are limited to a total amount of 4329 and created from a variety of different attributes/traits. You may be curious about the supply. Don’t worry, I will cover it.

Money Monkey NFTs collectively represent holdership in the $Banana Bag. The $Banana Bag is an investment fund made of farming/staking opportunities on Apeswap and will be funded with 100% of the minting money. Minting funds are immediately split and placed 50/50 between Apeswap BANANA/BANANA and GNANA/BANANA staking pools.

These pixelated Monkeys work like a Banana ETF. All money spent minting your Money Monkeys will stay within the project and reward the holders in the form of Main Street tokens $MAINST with the following monthly distribution:

· 75% Holders rewards

· 13% Gnana reinvestment

· 5% Banana reinvestment

You can check everything here: Whitepaper

Why shouldn't I do the same thing and do a proxy strategy?

For me it is simple, we don't (at least I don’t) have the discipline to do that, that's because people invest in ETF.

Good Aspects/ Positive Points

· The rule is simple, each minted Money Monkey stays within the project

· Interest compounding every month

· Very active and accessible owner focused on project success -Tony is diving hard inside the BNB NFT space to bring people to Main Street and motivate the Money Monkey Community

· Everything is clear and transparent on how funds are split

Bad Aspects/ Negative Points

· The NFA airdrop- Every NFA holder got airdropped a Money Monkey and that dilutes the investment but as soon as minting advances the dilution becomes more and more irrelevant – also at least 679 of the initial marketing usage was diluted but, In the end, 80.8% of minting funds stays within the project – a real hard ratio to beat on BNB chain

· To take maximum advantage of your Money Monkey, you should get some Main Street tokens

· Royalty fees pump the Main Street burn- I would love something like a 50% Main Street 50% banana bag.

· One point that I find funny, is sometimes hype and utility are not attached. It seems people right now prefer some hype on getting this fast than something that builds, and well normally grinding projects like this one sometimes struggle with hype.


· The Banana bag success is kind of attached to Banana. If the Banana pumps the value (true value different from price) of Money Monkey also raises, and vice versa. Maybe in the future, some diversification can be more stable.


· The main challenge for Money Monkeys in my perception, is gaining awareness and finding the right people who are looking for steady gains instead of fast cash. Tony and the rest of the Main Street Team are constantly digging inside the BSC NFT space and are always promoting Main Street and Money Monkeys. I believe Money Monkeys will succeed in minting out and not selling the image of $Banana bag but also some cute NFTs to collect and be part of an amazing community.


· Holders: 118

· Minted: 1372/4329

· Mint Price: 0.2

· Banana Bag: $18,144.17

You can view Banana Bag holdings here on Apeboard!

Edson´s Take

Do I Hold Money Monkeys?

Yes, I minted on the strategy. I minted 10 Money monkeys at the start because I like the idea of NFTs as funds share and to support the NFA airdrop. I believe the value inside Money Monkeys will raise through time and it will pay off.

For me, the biggest challenge on Money Monkeys is expressing that it is not just an investment fund but also an NFT with all the cool sides of NFTs. They have a cute Monkey community and cool development. The biggest bet that was the support inside NFA´s kind of backfired, but one thing that I do respect is the owner putting his own bag to make up for it. Another thing that is good is that Money Monkeys are supported by real business (maybe a bit lacking in diversification).


I do believe people will see that the value of Money Monkeys is bigger than the minting price and they are undervalued. For me is kind of crazy for people to jump into hype models like sh$! coins, hoping it moons and forget real business. I do can understand NFT’s appeals on the collecting side, but if there is more beyond that it should be a bonus.

As I review this article, I really didn't want to be like a seller’s boy mainly for the in-house project but it looks like (shame on me). The truth is I do like the project concept a lot. The Main Street owner is using his resources to get the minting going. It is a business, and with that, he grows Main Street but I do respect a lot “having skin in the game” (investing your own project your resources). In the end, what it lacks is just awareness and hype – very important aspects for NFTs – but I’m also a believer that values surpass hype because hype and fud pray on each other in the end, the value is what lasts.


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