Edson's Weekly Round-Up #5
July 18, 2022

Hello Guys,

Another week on the books, and overall sentiment is good so just watch for yourselves, always manage your risks.

Starting with the markets:

Well, the fear and greed index is stable on this week from last week 24 to 24, but at least on my perception the market sentiment is a little better altcoins (eth/bnb)


1.  BTC is around 21,167 US$.

2.  ETH is around 1,330US$.

3.  BNB is trading around 250$

On relevant Crypto new / trends to check this week there is this one:

"Binance Ecosystem Metrics".


But what really got my attention on this week, and I think every crypto addict must read is this one, and I advise you to read it all even if it long.


Half-Year Report 2022

Main pinpoints:

·       Total Value Locked (“TVL”) of L1s declined throughout the year, and Ethereum has been losing market share to alternative L1s. Market share of Ethereum (in terms of TVL) fell from 96.91% in January 2021 to 62.43% by the end of 2021 and dropped further to 59.01% by June 2022. On the other hand, BNB Chain’s TVL dominance was only 0.78% beginning of 2021 and grew to 7.02% ending 2021 and 8.66% ending June 2022.

I find scary how the second tvl disappeared, as the end of Terra Luna, also important to note that the narrative keeps growing into interoperability between chains is the future. Funny thing I´ve seen people saying that Pancake Swap going other chains is admitting defeat, well there is place for every line of thought and if someone sells certainty probably, he is lying to you.

On layer 2 development they talk about the fee´s and how there is a perception that: The bull cycle of 2020-21 very clearly showed us how simple it looks to build something that may look like Ethereum or BNB Chain, but how difficult it is to build economic security, monetary premium or attract a strong set of builders and developers and maintain a solid ecosystem. And the great things on building layer 2 is that you are able to leverage security of the base chain, being less capital intensive to build and expand than L1.

On stable coins this graph says a lot of what we lived:

There are 2 ways to see it the stable coin grown 3000% since January 2020, or you can look that is shrinked 7.7% on this year. The most dominant stable coins are the fiat-backed and after USDT crash, there is a lot of concerns on algorithmic stable coins.

On the defi meanwhile BNBchain has the most users, it is Ethereum that has the lead on total locked value as can be seen on the chart below:

Also, to note that this year the biggest fundraising on DEX itself, one thing article does not point is how much of this is addressed to Luna, since it was the fattest growing TVL, even passing BNB chain at some point.


On the NFT it provides insights on how NFT´s market is across the chain and also, how market aggregators are performing against marketplaces, and also how the bear market impacted the NFT trading (Most on eth of course given it market share)


NFT market share by chain:

NFT overall market volume:

NFT trading volume

As can be seen on the charts the NFT market was going strong when the bear market started, so most volume is concentrated on the first quarter.


For a close up on how each sector have performed across the major chains and sector the chart bellow gives insight what have performed better on the past, which won´t be necessary on the future.

On MainStreet verse don´t forget to check the weekly article of Mindful Monkey:

Economic psychology for investors

Closing last it is the Roadmap on Pancake Swap


Binance NFT NEWS:

The lack of Squads on the roadmap was disappointing for community, and on that my biggest concern is one question:

Who profited the most out of BATC?

It is Yuga Labs.

And that is the core of my NFT investing for holding philosophy, I invest in teams that dedicate time on their products, even if it is just for meme or shit talking, yes, I´m talking about you Retroboy and Josef. I really fell hard even if community is really dedicated to feel attached for one team that would be the one that most benefits don´t work for it.

Recent Mints Upcoming Mints

Bineons - Goodfellas

Twitter:  Goodfellas


·        Total Supply: 4,000 NFTs

·        Presale: 2022/07/19 at 14:00 UTC

·        Public mint: 2022/07/20 at 14:00 UTC

·        Mint price (Mint Pass): 0.25 BNB

Crazy Joker Sweep Festival

Twitter:  Crazy Joker Sweep Festival


·        Total Supply: 10,000 NFTs

·        Presale: 2022/07/15

·        Public mint: 2022/07/15

·        Mint price presale: 0.20 BNB;

·        Mint price public: 0.25 BNB



Invisible Ghosts

Twitter:  Invisible Ghosts


·        Total Supply: No info on the site

·        Public mint: 2022/07/24

·        Mint price: No info on the site

(Normally don do this but some red flag´s even if legit not building the website 1 week prior to mint brings some concerns)


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