Edson's Weekly Round-Up #7
August 2, 2022

Edson Weekly Round-up

Hello Guys,

Big week was past us on the economical markets, and may the funniest thing is sometimes bad news can move the markets on the other side. The two mains news are:

1.  The U.S. Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points to a range of 1.5%-1.75% in June — the biggest increase since 1994. Fed Chair Jerome Powell (above) flagged there could be another rate hike in July.

2.  US economy enters technical recession after growth tumbles 0.9% in the second quarter.

So why the markets the news on the technical recession, the answer sometimes is not so linear, but markets always think on possibilities and risk/rewards ratio. What does that mean?

If USA entering on a recession is never a bad news, but the market is overall more scared on the raising interest rates that may dry the liquidity, so when we see the lack of growth the markets may expect a more dovish position on FED, or at least less hawkish since the also care about not sinking the economy on a bigger recession.

So, what you should pay attention? The inflation, if inflation is still out of control the narrative of a bull run inside a bear market will gain traction, on the other side if the inflation reduces may the narrative about the soft landing on the USA economy gain traction and may be one of the shortest bear markets ever.

About the crypto the fear and Greed Index:


1.  BTC is around 24,000 US$.

2.  ETH is around 1,650US$.

3.  BNB is trading around 281$

About Mainstreet I´m dying to know what news and perspectives Wenairdrop and Tony will bring from NFT_Exporverse on LA.


Good tweets on the week:

What is the main notice here, we on crypto believe that can get rich overnight, but the best thing you can do is invest on knowledge and on yourself. And me and Mainstreet team try to do our part trying to supply good quality content.



Binance NFT NEWS:

I had to take a break on NFT´s think about what I´m seeing ad on what I do believe even if as a flipper, I can´t say that I´ve not grown due NFT´s. There won´t be no news but something that is consuming myself:




I will present a rough draft about the NFT Death Spiral:


First of all, one thing and repeat to me NFT´s on their essence are collectibles and people do collect but also:


What team/community can do to stop it:


1.  If you are a team with development / project keep building;

2.  Try to motivate and bring new people into the system;

3.  Know that everyday will be some detraction;

4.  Make an environment that people want to stay a club of friends;


1.  Ask yourself, are you blaming sellers or not don´t having the opportunity to sell at profit;

2.  Support the team on NFT´s, community play a huge role so role. team try to bring new people on the projects that you indeed like – help with retweets don´t be shy;

3.  Enjoy the ride don´t focus on price;

4.  Don’t overinvest, and also know the reasons that you are buying project X or Y;

5.  Don’t forget to enjoy the ride know new people and learn;


Well guys I would love to hear what you think about this topic so please share comment and give feedback.


Thanks Guys.


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