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July 19, 2022

Tell us about ButterFinance. What is it, how does it work, and how does it benefit investors?

ButterFinance is a DeFi platform that made its purpose to build a sustainable passive income source for its users and to support them in achieving financial independence. We are doing this by leveraging existing protocols with innovative new products, an index token that actually yields returns sustainably and educational content around personal finance.

What was the inspiration behind ButterFinance?

The inspiration is simple. I wanted to achieve financial independence though DeFi myself. Maximizing Returns on my investments through automation and building a diversified portfolio was my target. The moment I started researching what I needed I realized that it makes most sense to share everything with people. Fees as well as returns. So we started building ButterFinance.

Can you tell us about the team? How many people are on the ButterFinance team and what are their primary functions? 

There is Franco, my Co-Founder and CTO of ButterFinance. He built the smart contracts, the dapp and basically did all the hard work. He is working as a consultant in accounting and uses his technical knowledge to build tailored tools for his clients. So basically the perfect fit for a DeFi project like ours. Experience, technical skill and financial knowledge combined in one person.

Our newest addition is Mar, she is our Front-End Dev and supports us where she can. She is making sure that everything is working and keeps the community happy whenever there is time from all the front-end work that has to be done.

Last, but not least, me. Lars. I came up with the idea and lured the others into it with candy and the vision of financial freedom and passive income. But mostly candy! ;-)

I am a builder and entrepreneur by heart. There is nothing I can’t do and not much I do better than others. But I connect the dots. I am the swiss army knife that does what needs to be done. Raising money, growing the socials, creating content/docs/pitch decks, talking to the users, planning the roadmap, coming up with more features, doing research, Even building the landingpage myself. Everything needs to be done, Most of it I am doing with a lot of help by our awesome community and team.

Why did you choose the BNB Chain?

Our first product is “ButterVaults”. A Stake-And-Forget vault with dynamic targeting. These vaults are making use of single staking pools that AMMs like PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pools. To keep it simple. The most AMMs that use the same tech as PCS, are on Binance. Some forks exist on other chains. But the amount and TVL on BNB Chain were the reason we started here.
Despite the fact that I am also a P2E Nerd and a lot of those games are on BNB Chain as well. And Binance is my CEX of choice. That CZ rulez is also one factor ;-) .

What separates ButterFinance from other projects? 

We are putting sustainability really first and we are only paying out what has actually been yielded. There are no promises of ridiculous high APYs which should by now be a huge red flag for everyone involved in DeFi. The same goes for the ButterFinance Team by the way. We are not planning to take a single cent out of the treasury and will operate solely with the yielded amounts.

We apply simple investment principles to make it a true passive income investment for new as well as advanced crypto investors.

What are some unique benefits or features your holders receive by investing in ButterFinance?

Access to a portfolio of yield farming opportunities and sustainable passive income by simply holding one token.
An ever increasing treasury which in returns guarantees an always increasing floor price. (Short-term market volatility excluded).
Tokenomics that ensure that even if everyone sells, the treasury stays unaffected and will keep its value.

Any exciting news or events in the near future?

Our most exciting news will be after release when we will have success stories of people being able to FIRE with the help of ButterFinance.

Please share anything else you’d like the viewers to know about ButterFinance!

We are very excited about the future of ButterFinance. Our platform, tokenomics and principles are basic and simple. And this is what makes it so powerful. We are not promising the next 1000x token, but we are promising sustainability and simplicity. And this is more needed than ever.

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