Get to Know Horror Ape Club
Main Street
June 20, 2022

Tell us about Horror Ape Club, what is it?

Horror Ape Club is a project I discovered in its infancy, and became advisor on in the very early stages of development and concept in order to push the project in the correct direction for success. Horror Ape Club is an NFT project that operates on the Binance Smart Chain; consisting of 3333 generated unique horror themed apes. Horror Ape Club is a community oriented project that was a public mint on May 6th 2022; the mint price was 0.066 bnb and we minted out in less than 4 hours. Since then we have doubled our floor price and given away thousands of dollars in prizes to holders and community members, and grown to a community of over 450 holders. 

What was the inspiration behind Horror Ape Club?

The inspiration for the project came from our founders love for ape themed NFT projects such as BAYC, combined with a love of horror movies such as, Chucky, IT, Freddy Krueger, etc. 

Can you tell us about the team? How many developers? Where from? 

We are an international team which currently consists of five core team members, Myself who is stationed in the USA, our Founder who is From Germany, our Community Manager is from Austria, and our Community Coordinator, our Core Dev, and our Artist are all from different parts of the United Kingdom. Below the core team; we have over a dozen field expert associates who we work closely with on a number of aspects of the project. For Developers we currently have one core developer which leads any development, and myself; to which i have experience with smart contract auditing and revisioning; that combined with my network of full-time front-end and back-end developer associates, we strive for perfection in anything we code or create. 

Does Horror Ape Club of any affiliation with any other projects/tokens?

As an NFT project we have many options available to us, and we consider and evaluate all options with a long-term perspective. Horror Ape Club does not have any custom token or coin pairings, or affiliations, besides the network we operate on (BNB/BSC). We have Horror Ape Club liquidity pools and no tokens in our ecosystem as of right now, and there are no plans for anything involving LP based BEP-20 tokens for the project. 

Why did you choose the BNB Chain and what would you say makes HAC stand out in the BNB Chain space?

We choose the Binance Smart Chain based on a number of factors such as; the low cost to entry, low to little gas fees, the current Binance NFT space is early and in its infancy, and other protocols such as ETH or SOL for NFTs we consider overhyped and oversaturated. What makes us stand out is our commitment to building our community and staying close to our holders via social medias such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. 

What are some unique benefits or features your holders receive by being apart of the project?

As of right now, the benefits are "holder-dependant", as in the decisions of the holder determine what they if and may be rewarded for being apart of the community; people that Minted, and held over a day were rewarded with NFTs worth 2, up to 100x their intial mint value. ( With our current All Time High Sale being 6.66 BNB ) but our main goal for a benefit to holders is we are working on a staking system to be able to reward certain holders for staking their Horror Ape Club NFTs.

Any exciting news coming up?

Currently we are working on the testing and finalizing the finishing steps to revealing our new staking system for Horror Ape Club holders; as well as we have an additional premium micro collection of NFTs that will be releasing soon this summer. This smaller Horror Ape Club collection consist of only 333 "Experimented" on Horror Apes, which minting funds will circulate back into rewarding and sustaining the Horror Ape Club project and community. With that said, we have many giveaways, collaborations, community events, and surprises coming up this summer! 

How can someone get involved with your project?

Currently, you can find Horror Ape Club NFTs listed on the PancakeSwap NFT Marketplace,,, and TofuNFT, with more coming soon.

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