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August 12, 2022

Tell us about Salsa Valley. What is it, how does it work, and how does it benefit investors?

Salsa Valley is a unique place in Mexico, like the Silicon valley, but in parallel crypto Metaverse based on the meme cartoon series «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme-cartoon about cryptoworld).

It is MORE THAN A GAME! It’s an entire ecosystem which unites together cryptoenthusiasts, NFT-collectors and artists, blockchain, Metaverse and Web3 devs, lovers of hot 🌶salsa sauce, meme fans, animators, gamers and those who just love to joke and laugh.
Ecosystem is powered by $SALSA Token and consists of the NFT Metaverse, crypto board game, line of real salsa sauce, partnership with the Latin cuisine restaurants and more.

Thanks to the cartoon, support of top cryptoinvestors, and partnerships with sauce makers and restaurants, soon the whole world will know about SALSA token and millions of people will want to have Salsa Valley NFT and some SALSA tokens in their collection.

Our investors and community BUY SALSA Token and NFTs, HODL them and EARN in the Salsa Valley ecosystem, including the ability to real-life use of the $SALSA token!

What was the inspiration behind the project?

We've been in the crypto industry since the end of 2015, watching and seeing how crypto influencers manipulate the crypto market, how crypto enthusiasts take risks by investing in dubious projects without DYOR. In the recent years, and especially after Elon Musk's tweets meme-tokens such as dogs, cats, hamsters and other animals have become especially popular in the market, most of which are not backed by any real value or product for use. We decided to change the current state of affairs and increase the understanding of the crypto market among novice crypto investors. That’s why we created «Salsa Valley Stories" to be the first to show the realities of the crypto world through the prism of a cartoon series, attracting new users to the crypto industry to increase market liquidity by expanding the functionality and usefulness of meme tokens, including the real-life use of the $SALSA token. And why Salsa Valley itself? Because salsa is in our lives for a very long period: we dance salsa, we like salsa sauce and Spanish culture. And in a real life, Salsa is a sauce (is a mix of ingredients). In our project, Salsa is a mix of crypto enthusiastic people in a single Metaspace.

Can you tell us about the team? How many people are on the Salsa Valley team and what are their primary functions?

7 people, 3 of them do most part of work on the project, such as ideology, strategy, vision, partnerships, products development, project management, smart contract, websites and so on. Others do all the design and part, animation, etc.

Why did you choose the BNB Chain?

Low commissions, quick transactions, very big ecosystem, and they are constantly evolving, especially in GameFi sector.

What separates Salsa Valley from other projects?

Our wide ecosystem, our animated series about the realities of the crypto world, which is the basis of the story for each of our products and possibilities of a real usage of the Salsa Token.
And we are focused on the new Mega-trend to become a platform which may eclipse every game by combining game and P2E mechanics and the live interactions in our space just in one click.

What are some unique benefits or features your holders receive by investing in Salsa Valley?

Features of SALSA Token:
4% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all $SALSA token holders. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.
4% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on Pancake Swap. Benefiting long term for $SALSA holders the most!
2% go to the burn address.

SALSA is an in-game currency to be used in a diversity of our P2E mechanics and for payments between Metaverse participants. Also users will be able to earn SALSA tokens by creating content and infrastructure, participating in promotions from sponsors and influencers, paying with SALSA for promotion of their projects in the Valley or improving their characters. It will be a payment token at partner restaurants, also to buy NFTs, to buy the board-game with benefits, to add on our news and token vote platforms. A percentage of the revenue generated from sales of the sauce, board game and promotional spots at Salsa Valley Stories will be spent on redeeming the SALSA token from the pool for burning. Buying the NFT characters or NFT Real Estate in Salsa Valley users will be able to get fun, play and earn income from interacting with the Metaverse infrastructure, boosting their characters and real estates or renting them out.

Now the NFT Presale time!) The best time to jump into our enormous world!

Briefly walk us through your Road Map?

Massive marketing to scale the community - investors and the future players

Win=win partnerships and collaborations with crypto projects

Listings on CEX

Getting of an international trademark

NFT charity program

Launching the token vote platform

NFT Metaverse game release

Board game release

Launch of a line of sauce under our own trademark.

Partnerships with latin cuisine restaurants on the possibility of paying for Salsa Token.

International event for participants in the crypto industry.

Release of a full - length cartoon about crypto world together with a well-known animation studio, such as Disney, Pixar, etc.

Any exciting news or events in the near future?

INO with Babylons marketplace
Pitching in Austin
Networking meet-up & party in Miami

Anything else youd like the viewers to know about Salsa Valley

SALSA Token is traded on PancakeSwap. We have locked all the Liquidity Pool tokens (SALSA/BNB LP) for 5 years ahead.
The smart-contract is audited by eNebula. We took the 4th place among 64 GameFi projects at the BSC GameFi Hackathon in 2021, 3rd place among 26 Metaverse projects at the Top of Oasis AELF Blockchain Hackathon in 2022 and 1st place in the NFT contest on the JGN platform. The ecosystem that is being built step by step around the project has enormous growth potential to unite a large audience into the project!

Would you like to host a giveaway as part of your Spotlight? If so, provide relevant details below regarding what youll be giving away. The BNGA team will reach out prior to the Spotlight to coordinate further

We have an NFT promo for now until August 31: Buy NFT plot or house + Get additional 5% of cost in $SALSA Tokens.

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