Get to Know IHeartDomains! Official launch November 5th!
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November 4, 2022

Don't miss IHeartDomain's Launch Event–Twitter Spaces 11/5/22 at 2:00pm EST/6:00pm UTC!!!

Tell us about IHeart Domains. What is it, how does it work, and how does it benefit investors? 

IHeartDomains is a broker and registrar of Web3 Blockchain Domains, minted and sold as ERC 721 NFTs. As a broker, we have a portfolio of over 100 Unstoppable and ENS Domain Names available for sale via Monthly Auction. As a registrar, we own the .DeFiWallet and .❤😻 Top Level Domain Extensions and allow registrations of custom Second Level Domains via the Decentraweb dDNS System. Web3 Blockchain Domains have several benefits and features 

What was the inspiration behind IHeartDomains?

Blockchain domains via UD and ENS were one of the 1st personal investments I made as a speculator in the NFT Space. I immediately saw their value as a tool for identity, immediately changing my Twitter and TG handles to WenAirdrop.NFT after purchsing the UD Domain of the same name. Used blockchain domains as a tool to onboard many ppl into blockchain that were resistant to other forms of NFT or Crypto tech. Over the past year I continued to collect and study the technology being these domains and their impact on the future of identity and DeFi, even ending up at a Domainers conference, NamesCoIt was at NamesCon that I learned about becoming involved in the domain space on the other side of the . (TLDs) and became a member of the Handshake $HNS.

Community and DecentraWeb dDNS Community

Being early to the space allowed us to acquire the TLDs that are currently in our portfolio and to avoid Namespace collision we only allow registration of SLDs on matching TLDs owned on both dWEB and HNS 

Can you tell us about the team? How many people are on the IHeartDomains team and what are their primary functions? 

Solo effort operationally with backend support from both HNS and dWEB. Community and Discord support provided through our partnership/incubation by Mainstreet Finance, a BNB Chain DeFi Community 

What separates IHeartDomains from other projects? 

First off is our TLDS. If you like our extensions, we are the only ones who own it, so we are also the only ones who can offer resgistration of SLDs. Secondly, our position of Broker rather than Maxi allows us to continue to grow and offer solutions that arent blinded by bias. We are a One Stop Shop to browse for domains from the largest Web3 registrars (UD and ENS) as well as mint your own custom name off one of our Extensions. Future plans are limitless as tech continues to grow. We currently has over 200 HNS and dWEB TLDS available for resale or future SLD registration

What are some unique benefits or features your holders receive by investing in IHeartDomains?

SLDs minted off our TLDs are delivered in the form of an ERC 721 NFT that requries no renewals and is owned forever by its minter unless sold. As ERC 721 NFts, they can be traded and sold via NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea and TofuNFT. Each NFT Domain has a backend with several fields that can be changed/updated in accordance with their current utility such as Reverse Records, changing DNS Settings and linking to IFPS Content. Full support and community with news, updates, contests and giveaways via IHeartDomains channels in the Mainstreet Discord and TG 

Briefly walk us through your Road Map?

Nov 5th Launch- Lauch day special pricing of $25 per mint of a .DeFiWallet or .❤😻 SLD 1 DAY ONLY then $50.00 until end of year

Additional price increase on 1/1/23 to final and correct market price of $100.00 per SLDS

Once per month will run a 5 Day Auction on Opensea on 5-10 UD and ENS domains from our resell portfolio 




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