Lovely, Caring, & Compassionate—SOUL~SISTERS, NFTs
July 19, 2022

Lovely, Caring, & Compassionate—SOUL~SISTERS, NFTs.

Accentuate Feminine Beauty w/ the Ambitious Women-Dream!!

The Soul Sisters NFT project is brought to you courtesy of The Crypto Girlfriend:,  

Soul Sisters is a true-to-the-soul reflection of the various facets of feminine beauty. A virgin accentuation of the delicate appeal of precious women souls, Soul Sisters is a unique collation of 1000 high-definition NFTs.

Embrace Soul Sisters’ unconditional love and devotion to feel beautiful, powerful, and resilient, each passing split-second of your life.

Soul Sisters’ embodied components empower, and not undermine, women, via art.

A pure homage to the innate strength of women. Soul Sisters NFTs is envisioned as a soft-retaliation to the cruelty endured for decades by women.

A mirror-reflection of women’s human-family, Soul Sisters is a fitting answer to the unreasonable male-dominant societal hierarchies.

The time is now to reframe the spiritual heart of our world once and for all, for millennia. Let Soul Sisters do the honors.

There ain’t no doubt that we share a direct, up, close, and personal connection with our human family. Our health, happiness, and well-being are all intertwined. So with increasing efforts, Soul Sisters aims to empower individuals to be collectively unique.

Thanks to the recent technological breakthroughs. After decades of visionary planning, the cherished Soul Sisters ambition is today turning into a thriving reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Minting starts July 29th at 4pm UTC. MINT HERE!

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