Oddblox Weekly Round Up! Nov13-Nov19
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November 19, 2022

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1083/4096 have already been minted including giveaway NFTs!

#1058 has just been minted!

☢ Managing Risk

The parallel between projects and people continues to grow. Consider the growing fear of more companies and individuals being affected by the events of last week and new events unfolding this week. When an individual blows up it affects them and anyone they are financially responsible for. When a project/company/exchange blows up it rapidly erodes trust in those entities, but this often bleeds into many losing trust with crypto as a whole. If the goal is to further growth and adoption events such as these deal catastrophic blows to achieving that. Longevity is only possible by survival. So how did we approach this? How did we consider potential risks over a longer time frame?

Credit: Oddblox

To start, we knew the crypto/NFT space would be rocky terrain from a legal perspective for a startup because most countries have not outlined many guidelines regarding NFTs. We are stationed in the United States and so were the entities responsible for the recent debacles. Those grey areas will become more clear with the regulation on the horizon. We knew this would happen and planned accordingly in the way that we structured the business end of Oddblox before launch. We are actively ironing out even more on that end. If you are in the Oddblox Discord you may have already seen some hints regarding this.

From the perspective of managing funds, we always abided by the saying “not your keys, not your coins” and never sought to use funds to generate a yield. This was the downfall of many projects/companies because they figured they could conservatively farm and earn a yield to help support costs. This was never something we considered. Our focus is on the Binance Smart Chain. That’s the token we hold and we never strayed from that belief.

There are plenty of other ways we’ve mitigated risk. Some have been mentioned in previous WRUs and some we will address more in future round-ups. The goal of this is to emphasize the point that we are doing all that we see fit in order to keep the boat afloat and weather the storm.

Until next time…

🎮 Game Night Switch Up

We will be pushing off our game night this week as it’s Thanksgiving this week for us in America. Even if you don’t have anything to celebrate this week, we urge you to take the time to spend time with family and loved ones. We will put out a tweet with the time and date that is decided!

When we run the next one we will switch it up again with the prizes or maybe even the game. 👀

📰 Marketing

• The lovely @liquid.bnb has decided to bring us all together and lead in organizing a “BNB Chain Mega Space”. The space is scheduled for November 25th and could be running for a long time so it will be hard to miss. We look forward to being involved and seeing you all there!

• Almost there! We are currently 3 mints away from reaching the end of our Oddblox X Ziggyverse Minesweeper contest! 1 more Ziggyverse NFT left!

From now until we reach TokenID #1064 you have the chance to win a Ziggyverse if you land on 1 of 5 tokenIDs…

• We are always brewing up things behind the scenes on the marketing front. Will share them as they happen.

🕵️‍♂️ Personal

• I (KD) am on vacation for Thanksgiving. Seeing an old friend and experiencing Colorado for the first time!

• I (CB) have been moving into my seasonal shift of spending less time outside. Prepped the bonsai trees for the autumn and winter. Wondering if they will make it through the harsher weather. May only have a pair of shears and no trees in 4 months. Time will tell.

🔦 Community Spotlight

• With these “Weekly Round-ups” we do a community spotlight!

• We choose someone in the community every week and give them a little something.

• Prizes will vary from week to week.

• You may be wondering how we will decide on the community member.

• We will be looking at engagement among socials, content creation from members, and who has been a solid member of the community for the week!

• The community member will be announced within these “Weekly Round-Ups”! So, catch up with us weekly and see if you are this week’s spotlight winner!

🚀 Community Spotlight Winner!

Credit: Oddblox

• This week’s Community Spotlight winner is @AyOoHiGgZ !

• DJ Higgs, where do we even start? Joking of course but we remember this guy from the first space we’ve ever joined. He’s been around for the long haul and is someone We’ve had many interactions with!

• You probably know Higgs by his speech as he self-admittedly says no one can ever understand him but I promise if you talk to him enough it’s not bad so give him a shout!

• It’s been incredibly cool to see him shift from community member to now working with projects. Seeing the evolution of individuals is something to be celebrated. We want to celebrate by helping you build out your collection a little more with an Oddblox!

• We will DM you for your address 😀

Thank you so much for the support and love you have shown! We are excited about the future! Stay odd!


About Oddblox

Oddblox is a purely on-chain generative art series comprised of 4096 experimental pieces. Each piece abstracts negative space in a unique way leaving the viewer open to interpret the forms created. Using a variety of shapes and color palettes each piece is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art.

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