Project Spotlight: Hat Swap City
June 6, 2022

What is Hat Swap City and how does it work?

Hat Swap City is an NFT metaverse on BNB chain that offers cosmetic skins, fun p2e games, and a social hub for the degens of Binance. We were inspired by the fun, immersive experience of Runescape trading plazas, and our mission is to build a thriving metaverse with hundreds of partner integrations and the ability to trade NFTs face-to-face.

What unique benefits or features do you offer your holders?

Perhaps the most unusual feature is that our NFTs are wearable inside Hat Swap City. They also grant you governance rights, so you can vote for instance on how we use our development budget. And of course, they’re beautifully made and arranged in curated collectible sets.

What can you tell us about your team?

Hat Swap City was born global. It was co-founded by Alonso and Gioluan, who are based in the U.S. and Spain respectively. And over 10 engineers and artists from all over the world have contributed to Hat Swap City at various stages of its development.

Why did you choose BNB Chain?

We launched on BNB Chain because of its large and active community. Hat Swap City is the first and only metaverse on BNB Chain to offer interoperable NFT integrations, and we believe this feature will become more valuable as NFTs gain more importance and utility over the coming years.

Can you briefly walk us through your roadmap?

We are about halfway through the roadmap, having successfully minted out our Genesis Hat NFTs, launched a token, released a p2e arcade game and the pre-alpha of Hat Swap City. Our roadmap for the next 6 months is focused on raising development funds with our second NFT series and continuing to build the software required for an in-game NFT marketplace.

How can someone get involved with your project?

You can join us on Discord or Telegram, or visit our metaverse.


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