Lazy Lion ROARwards Explained
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November 16, 2022
Lazy Lions ROARwards Guide

The Lazy Lion community is second to none when it comes to engagement and community support. ROARwards have become a big part of rewarding active participants of the community for simply doing things they're probably already doing. Whether you’re already an active member of the Lazy community or want to learn how you can get your part of the action; Read this ROARwards guide by Lazy Lion Community Manager AR_ON_tweets!

What are ROARwards?

ROARwards is a unique rewards program that allows qualifying Lazy Lion holders a chance to win a Lazy Lion NFT via a monthly raffle!

How do I qualify?

For ROARwards you will need to access our website and connect your Ethereum address via the “Connect” button. This will then take you to the home screen of your profile. Here you can connect your Twitter profile & Discord via the “Connect now” buttons highlighted in gold.

To be eligible for ROARwards you need to meet all 4 of 4 criteria

  • Set your Twitter profile picture (PFP) to a Lazy Lion you own. To ensure your Twitter PFP is recognized by ROARwards, head over to OpenSea and click your Lazy Lion’s image to enlarge and view the full resolution image. Once the full image appears, right click and save that image and then upload it as your Twitter PFP without any alterations, as we use a hashing similarity algorithm and edits won’t be recognized. You will need to give it 24 hours before this will appear in gold on your ROARwards page.‎ (Twitter Blue or a hexagon PFP is not needed)
  • Add Lion Emoji 🦁 to either your Twitter name or Twitter bio. (Tho not required, don’t forget to add  👑🍼🧃 for fun )
  • Have the Diamond Paws role in Discord. To get this see this link
  • Connect on ROARwards Site & have no Lions listed
  • Have your Twitter banner set as a Lazy Lions Bungalow that you own

Visit the Lazy Lion Discord or website for more on ROARwards or to participate!




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