Rug Radio sitdown with Refikanadol
Rug Radio
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November 21, 2022

Digital Media artist @Refikanadol sat down with Rug Radio executive producer @gldncrypt0 to discuss the placement of his artwork in the @MuseumModernArt and much more! Here’s the twitter thread posted on @RugRadio’s official Twitter!

Monday's GM Web3 ☀️Recap

Today we had @refikanadol on to discuss his amazing installation at the MoMa and to drop some alpha.

✍️@gldncrypt0 🧵👇

Macro is benign & uneventful, equities Down slightly, oil is very heavy seeing ytd lows at $76. Non-Fund payroll is 2nd of Dec, could be the first month since Covid where there is a decline in payrolls. If the number comes in near consensus it will add pressure to the fed.

Data coming into the beginning of December could lead to the most impactful month of the year.

  • Crypto somehow holding strong despite massive sell offs and negative news surrounding everything.
  • Recent Move of 250k ETH on chain!?

The NFT world has been kind of flat. Ape staking coming up at the end of this month, other deeds up around 1.3.

  • Clone X just shy of 9 ETH
  • Pudgy Penguins saw a lift over the weekend.
  • Wolframe was a winner carrying over from last week

Digital Currency Group (DCG) is basically a VC but they also manage projects. OG Operator in crypto. Owns Genesis, a prime broker for etc trading and lending who is in trouble from FTX.

  • Genesis needs over 1bn but DGC does not have this avail.

DCG put in a position to where they might have to sell a company they own, like greyscale to cover debts.

  • Doesn't appear to be a scenario where they enter bankruptcy or liquidation and sell off tons of BTC/ETH, which would ultimately hit the market hard.

FTX hacker making news by selling a chunk of his "earnings". The entirety of the situation is massive. At this point it appears to not be the Bahamian govt. Same still denying hack involvement.  Swapped ETH for Ren BTC which is Alameda backed. What are you doing with 250k ETH?

Ape coin has 3 available positions for the Ape Coin DAO special council after recent step downs. Involvement in Fox and other events led to people stepping down. Known for it's healthy salary, this could be your chance to apply and make a difference!

BREAKING:  90k ETH moved by FTX hacker to many different freshly made wallets. Stage speculates this could be the beginning of a massive sell-off.

  • Could this lead to discounted eth prices? Sub 1k?

@refikanadol joined us to talk about his legendary installation in the MOMA which marked a historical event for the digital art & NFT space! 

@refikanadol The project started 18 months ago…

  • @MuseumModernArt has paceman in their archives, proving they are open minded
  • Real time AI getting data from blockchain, using weather and multi-inputs to create a living piece of art.

They created a whole neural network using all types of data. It is a living piece of art that is influenced by the ambient environment including sounds and climate data, creating visuals in real time. MASSIVE

MOMA is a pioneer museum. In their search for the signal of the future they work with very credible intelligent research teams that are trying to find the spark of new movements and cultures. #Wagmi

@refikanadol MOMA alpha alert, that the MOMA has some exciting things coming to the space in the next couple of weeks that everyone in the space will be happy to hear about.

  • Special MOMA logo NFT that you can mint available if you show up IRL.

Today Refik is dropping 20 editions from AI data paintings with a 999 piece max. dropping only on Instagram with income going towards Alzheimer's foundation.

  • 2nd of Dec special Refik event happening in New Orleans?

Refik is Working on Dataland? A metaverse experience that will apparently open in physical locations starting in LA, then NY and other major cities.

Refik says there is an AI that will allow you to smell the artwork at the MoMa, whifs and wafts available today only!

Learn more about Rug Radio and their media DAO by visiting their website here!




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