RugZombie to release new tools and features!
Publishing Date
November 17, 2022

Seems like RugZombies been busy building throughout the bear market! Here’s what they’ve got coming up…

Social Engagement Rewards? Nice!

A new "innovation" (not really) with task-farming. It's like a "social" proof-of-work meets yield farming. Participate in the network, scale the project, get rewarded! This concept will transform defi projects on @BNBCHAIN and harness the power of community.

Stay Safe Zombie Friends…

Zombie Alliance. Keep your @BNBCHAIN project #undead and safe. The alliance offers a bug-bounty in $ZMBE for accepted projects, free ongoing audits and security checks, and knowledge checks to increase security and heighten token owner education on your project.

Zombie DAO

We are frfr about democratizing our entire project, per our initial white-paper 18months ago. The DAO will gradually place the community in charge of our ecosystem, graves, games, and even project direction.

The Hub

The Hub will be a dedicated terminal for information regarding alliance projects, votes, proposals, the control center for our #rugtools to keep users safe, and an ecosystem dashboard for @rugzombie

Visit RugZombies Gitbook for more on their future plans and development!

RugZombie Website!




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