Weekly Recap June13- June19
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June 20, 2022

Edson Weekly Round-up

Hello Guys,

For a while I did an weekly NFT review  on BNB chain, with baby and projects review I didn´t find enough time to do it properly the way I would like, but I think that we can do some quick notes on interesting things we have seen on crypto and mainly on BNBchain NFT space.

Starting with the no news...

Looks like crypto winter is here not coming anymore. I know it hurts a lot but I do also think it kills the bad things and bad Ideas and Ponzis crumble, they would anyway just that bulls market hides them.

I won´t dare to say that it is over since FED trying to contain inflation probably will lead to a recession and the liquidity will dry across markets, but also right now I feel it is oversold and my only advice if you feeling buying the DIP may there be another ones, just move with cautious.

Good Tweets about this market:


Takes on bear markets also on internet bubble and after all Market don´t play the same every time they do rhyme.

Another one From CZ that is important to remember:


NFT News

Pixel Sweepers vote breakdown – this is not from last week but need to let it regiestered:


  1. Oddblox
  2. Lil Bulls
  3. Horror Ape Club

Looks Bulls + Lil were that get more people voting and then DAC, what is solid for both projects also.

First Distribution on Main Street Money Monkeys on June 15th

The Living Dead NFT minted out on June 18th

Trippy Trunks getting listed on Liquid Collectibles June 20th

RetroBoys  Association rebranded and created the fun labs and free minted for RBA holders, those will give access to free nft´s first Ugliens, the fun pass is listed only on the Bull Society

Airheadz closing to minting out  more than 90% minted

Upcoming Mints


Mint date: June 20th;

Price: Free (Hold one Fun Labs Pass;

Supply: 1234

Limit: 3 per wallet

Planet Zuud

Mint date:
Presale: Tuesday June 21st

Mint Price: 0.35 BNB

Supply: 2222

Nelly the Snail
Public Mint Saturday June 25th

Mint Price:

--- 0.15 BNB for no Josh holders

--- 0.13 BNB for 1 Josh holders

--- 0.10 BNB for 5 Josh holders

Supply: 1000


Mint date:
Presale: Tuesday June 28th

Public Mint: Wednesday June 29th

Mint Price: 1 BNB

Supply: 1000

Limit: 2 per wallet

Edson Out.

“Don't Follow Me I'm Lost Also”

“Not All That Wanders Are Lost”

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