Weekly Round-Up #11
Publishing Date
September 5, 2022

What's new guys? Welcome to another episode of the long-awaited MainStreet weekly round-up series! once again brought to you by your good neighbor, the mystery writer. This will not be an easy episode to write, since we have good and bad news on both sides of the coin, we can start as usual, with a brief analysis of the market with the main cryptocurrencies, starting with the great champion BITCOIN:

We can see a fear indicator above 23 points, something much higher than in past weeks, we find a current price of $19,675 which has generated the “panic” of the traders. We are well aware of the causes of this new drop in price: regulations in countries like Iran, the global economic crisis, etc. But as is known, we can use this opportunity to grow our portfolios. Buy the dip!

In the case of Ethereum the outlook is slightly more positive

With a fear indicator above 35 points, Ethereum remains a bit more stable compared to past weeks. With a current price of $1,565, it establishes itself as one of the most sustainable coins of the week.

And for the uplifting Tweet of the week we have our friend CZ with his trademark sense of humor:

Latest news on MainStreet

On August 31st we host the #TwitterSpace with Meta Ape Militia

We talked about many interesting things about Bitcoin Mining, you can check the recording of the space here.

We're also announcing an upcoming artist event, so this could be your chance to make your work shine! It starts in October, stay up to date with news on our networks and at pabloknight.com.

Also check out the collaboration announcement with Eternal Zombies, you can follow this link for more information: linktr.ee/eternalzombies


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Binance NFT & tokens News

The Sandbox is Top Blockchain Game by Volume in August

The top spot belongs to the Ethereum virtual world blockchain game, The Sandbox. The Sandbox’s volume statistic fluctuated from several peaks to valleys within the month. It reached as high as $26.18 million, and had a low of $151,000.
August saw several groups partner with the metaverse blockchain game. NFT projects, like CyberKongz, and media personalities like Gordon Ramsay and Paris Hilton have now affiliated with The Sandbox. On Aug. 25, the game is also entered its third alpha season, which will last for about 10 weeks.

Anito Legends NFTs

Anito Legends, a BNB Chain PlayAndEarn blockchain game inspired by Filipino culture, opened up the sale of their Anito Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the public.

The public sale went live on Sept. 1 at 1:30pm UTC. Common Anitos are priced at 40 $BUSD, Epic Anitos go for 85 $BUSD, while the coveted Legendary Anitos are sold for 175 $BUSD. Anito Legends also had the IDO of their $LARO token through PinkSale and StarkSwap, as well as a whitelisted private sale of their NFTs the past week.

Those who are looking to purchase their own Anito Legends team can do so on the BNB Chain game’s website.

That's all folks! don't forget to follow the official MainStreet accounts to be updated every day with the latest in crypto news, see you next week in another episode of MainSt Weekly Round-Up!


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