Weekly Round-Up #12
Publishing Date
September 12, 2022

Hello Guys,

This time is the one and only Edson, therefore I must say the mysterious writer(s) are doing a great job, and that was a decision that I must thank Mainstreet for accepting for me writing bi-weekly so I can try to keep it flesh, and don’t look the same every week.

Well, we are almost on the merge and what does it mean for the markets, starting with the good and old BTC fear and greedy index:


For some reason I don’t think the fear and greedy index tell the history of this week very well, since it felt that we were going for another leg down then suddenly on the 8th with the jobless claim the continuing jobless claim got a bit above and we continue on the narrative the slightly worse the better since it reduce the probability on fed raising 0.75 bps, and that’s what markets and crypto are trading.

As can be seen on the chart bellow



1. BTC is around 21,600 US$. On the bull vs bear I would pay attention on the EMA 100 that is staying around 23,6 k US$.

Talking about the hotshot and second coin of the week our merge boy ETH it is outside of the fear zone:


2. ETH is trading around 1,720 US$

Now about the merge don´t forget the prediction as on my last article:


Also, I will add some good articles to get more informed about the merge on the links bellow:

What will happen with my eth after the merge?

Stay Safu on the merge

One last tip:


Mainstreet NEWS:

Another week Mainstreet keeps pushing the coverages and awesome articles on across the blockchain:

Meet the Crypto Profile


Again, Beatleman killed it on pointing what are the common points on people on crypto but maybe just point that I will add up is that we are too early what brings people that try to build on something new and people that just want to gamble and get free money, either way you should check this amazing

Twitter spaces with:



On upcoming this week, you don´t want to miss the following twitter spaces about BSC news NFT with Marcus (Wenairdrop).


BNBchain Dex News:

On the dex side meets NFT´s something interesting is happening on Babyswap is minting their lands and even if lacks more info the land, but Baby Wonderland carries a portion of the $BABY daily output. So, changing the tokenomics is something unheard, and I kind excited to experiment being a hit or a miss.


Wonderland F.A.Q.

Also, from my last article Apeswap defined their hard cap at 420 millions of banana, lets see how that affects price and also Main Street Banana bag.


Last but not least I Heard something about an evaluation coming for the Alpha nft´s of Apeswap.


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