Weekly Round-Up #14
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September 26, 2022

Hello Guys,

Another FED week on the books, and meanwhile the majority expect the Fed to hike rates by 75 basis points in the next meeting on Sept. 20 to Sept. 21, but the FedWatch Tool showed an 18% probability of a 100 basis point rate hike. This uncertainty could keep traders on edge, resulting in heightened what resulted in short-term volatility.

Just to remember this video:

About the fear and greed index:



1.  BTC is around 18,700 US$.

Ethereum after the merge seems like that strength the myth buy the rumor, sell the news.




2.  ETH is trading around 1,293US$


About market e FED´s I always say a lot about how I don´t know what will happen, and the truth nobody does trying to guess the macro scenario is impossible, what you can do is be prepared for the outcomes. Right now, I will give you what I think are the main scenarios for the economy:

1.  Positive: Fed slowly increases the base interest taxes causing a soft landing on the economy and controlling inflation – not my base scenario.

2.  Neutral: Fed gets more aggressive to control the inflation, throws the US economy into a recession and the circle starts all over with stimulates.

3.  Negative: Fed keep trying to combat inflation with slowly increases on the interest throwing us economy on a stagna-inflation where there is no growth on inflation

Mainstreet NEWS:

Just don´t miss the money monkey minting party. By the way holding 23 money monkeys would grant you around 0.2 BNB on the last claim it is not a shabby APR, and a project compromised with value, not only non-sense hype.

And just remember collecting a money monkey is not getting some cool monkey and being part of awesome community but also is an investment fund:

Market concepts Price x Value:

These days reading the Telegram chats on our dear BNB chain NFT community I found a strange concept that I would love to discuss today. The topic was how XRP could go back to its all-time high and even reach 10 dollars value after the SEC issues are solved.

Well, if you see the top price was 3.5 US$ in 2017 and didn’t move on the bull run, it doesn't look like an absurd hypothesis, but what people forget to look when looking at price is the Market cap.


If you see the actual market cap for XRP is 24 billions, and price let’s say around 0.5 US$ a 10 dollars XRP would mean a market cap of 480 billions and that would surpass BTC on market carp and it is not feasible now. Well, why am I saying that?

I´m saying because we here on chain are still learning some marketing principles, and one of them are tradeoff fair value and even fundamentals (those are easy to compare on dex), so what you think is when investing on something you are choosing that against all other options and do scenarios what are the possible value of that business (if there is any behind it). The business that you get is the value, which can grow or diminish, and what you paid is the price.

All that to say: “`Price is what you pay, value is what you got”. That’s how investment is done: you try to pay less than what you get, you buy growth, you buy profit.

Okay so chains have proposals since they run smart contracts/ Dex have values because they facilitate peer to peer trade, and so on services that can be provided within the block chain. But what about Bitcoin?

I´ll answer that with “what about gold?” There are some things that belong a proof of effort and that is the case for both bitcoin and gold, it is a proof that it needs effort to refine the gold and mine the bitcoin and that's why people recognize it as a reservoir of value.

Concluding on making investing decisions, try to buy things that price looks below value and sell things that are above, on different scenarios and always remember you can change your mind so study before spending your money.

Edson Out.

“Not all that wanders are lost”




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